Symposia Community Bookstore, Inc. is a PUBLIC BENEFIT nonprofit corporation in Hoboken NJ, organized and operated exclusively for educational and charitable purposes. Specifically, we operate a thrift shop consisting of books and offer our shop location to be used as a community center.
510 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030.
For more information call 201 805 1739


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Rent Our Place

Symposia Bookstore space can be rented for workshops, community groups, artistic events or birthday parties organized through Puppetonia. The store has tables, seating for about 40 people, a large screen and amplification system available upon request. The store has been used for shootings by independent movie companies, by musicians for concerts and visual artists for exhibitions.

To inquire about holding your event at Symposia Bookstore, please call at (201) 963-0909 or send an email at

We do not provide catering, but you are welcome to bring food and drinks for your event.

Our Purpose

The specific objectives and purposes of this organization are: (a). to help make books and reading as inviting and accessible to as broad an audience as possible (b). to offer a venue to serve as a community center and a place for educational and community activities (c). to support other charities through the use of the thrift store’ space to raise funds and run programs (d). to offer support for emerging local artists through exhibitions and other projects (e). to develop new community projects (f). to engage in other activities related to the development of the social capital of our community