Our Mission

Symposia Community Bookstore, Inc. is a PUBLIC BENEFIT nonprofit corporation in Hoboken NJ, organized and operated exclusively for educational and charitable purposes. Specifically, we operate a thrift shop consisting of books and offer our shop location to be used as a community center.
510 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030.

For more information call 201 805 1739

The specific objectives and purposes of this organization are:

– to help make books and reading as inviting and accessible to as broad an audience as possible

– to offer a venue to serve as a community center and a place for educational and community activities

– to support other charities through the use of the thrift store’ space to raise funds and run programs

– to offer support for emerging local artists through exhibitions and other projects

– to develop new community projects

– to engage in other activities related to the development of the social capital of our community

Symposia: A chat room without a computer!

Upcoming Events

Typewriter “Type-In” hosted by Pierce Logan of QWERT Poetry – Friday Dec. 8th 6pm to 7.30 pm

Come join our first installment of the Symposia Type-In! hosted by Pierce Logan of QWERT Poetry. Disconnect from the distractions of modern technology and write on a vintage typewriter. This workshop is limited to 12 participants, so act fast to secure your seat. Register at the link.

This month’s theme is Creating Holiday or Appreciation Cards—create a special gift for your loved ones by typing a special message on a card; they’ll be pleasantly surprised to see the nostalgic print of a typewriter and touched that it is not a store-bought card.

We will be writing together for approximately one hour. All materials needed will be supplied to you and you will take your work home. Bringing your own paper is acceptable but discouraged as there is no guarantee the paper will feed into the machines, especially if it is greater than 65lbs.

The suggested audience for these workshops is 10 years old+. No typewriter experience necessary. The intention is to run these workshops twice a month and the theme will change monthly.

We can’t wait to hear the click-click-ding of all the machines typing together!

Reach the organizer at qwertpoetry@gmail.com with any questions.

Here is the live ticket link where you can buy tickets: Click here to get tickets!

“Floating Through the Alphabet with Flubble Bubble and Friends” -book launch by Lindsay Kahn and Judy Luck Jordan – Sunday Dec. 10th 10 to 12 pm

Lindsay Kahn, M-SLP and her mother, Judy, are excited to introduce their newly remade childrens’ book, Floating through the Alphabet with Flubble & Friends!

This ABC book has a special twist: there’s a colorful ‘search and find’ on every letter page making it great for early learning! Lindsay’s expertise as a Speech Language Pathologist is incorporated into every aspect of The Bubbles Brigade characters. Children can delight in expanding their relationship with these friendly, wholesome characters through The Bubbles Brigade interactive and educational YouTube series, live puppet shows, and more.

Flubble Bubble was invented by Judy Jordan in the 1980’s, and brought to life by caricature artist Walter Storozuk. Lindsay, having loved the character her mom created throughout her childhood, continues the legacy of Flubble with a suite of The Bubbles Brigade characters who are committed to cultivating curiosity, creativity, and imagination within the genre of children’s literature and entertainment.

For more info contact Emma at emma@showupauthentic.com

Open Mic Night – Tuesday, Dec 12th 7:30 to 10 pm   

Join us for the DECEMBER edition of Open Mic Night!

Merry Happy Everything! We’re making a setlist, checking it twice. Gonna find out who’s naughty or nice.

This inclusive, encouraging environment is the perfect place to practice what you’ve been working on at home. Original material and covers are welcome (songs, poems, readings, comedy). This event is open to all ages, therefore we ask that all material be clean and family-friendly.

*Suggested donation $5/attendee to support Symposia (non-profit bookstore)

*Some simple snacks will be provided but feel free to BYO drinks/snacks for yourself or to share.

Facebook Link: https://fb.me/e/4xgQBMOO8

“Roots: Unlocking the Potential and Discovering the Delicious in all Natural Ingredients” – book reading/signing by Chef Vincent Tropepe – Wednesday Dec. 13th 6am to 8 pm

Award winning certified chef, Vincent Tropepe has been instrumental in the way the dining public thinks, views and dines.

“Roots: Unlocking the Potential and Discovering the Delicious in all Natural Ingredients” continues Chef Tropepe’s quest to have people view common and known all natural ingredients in a new way. In this chapter full color cookbook Chef Tropepe takes the reader on a culinary journey through at least six different types of cuisines that is sure to awaken and expand the reader’s palette.

For more info, contact Randy at authorrelations.mep@gmail.com


La Leche – New Moms Support Group– Friday, Dec. 15th 10 am to 12 pm.

Come join us for this support group where you can share and learn from other moms.

La Leche league is an international volunteer run support group open to all families interested in lactating or providing human milk to their babies.

La Leche League was founded over 60 years ago when the founders (a small group of mothers) found that families were most successful when supported by their peers and it has continued with the premises of providing non bias support to local families.

For more info contact Tiffany at lllofjc@gmail.com

“Symposi-HA!” Comedy Show – Friday Dec. 15th at 8 pm

Come see our Bookstore’s live Stand-Up Comedy Show!

The show is produced by Hoboken comedian Matt Pena and will feature comedians from all over New Jersey and New York.

Tickets are $10 and all proceeds will go towards supporting the store as well as supporting the performers!

Please follow “Symposiha” on Instagram for all news and updates and grab your tickets on eventbrite.com by searching “Symposi-Ha”.

Don’t forget to bring your own beverages and snacks to enjoy at the show!

“From Broken to Beautifully Broken” book reading/signing by Ella Shae – Saturday Dec. 16th at 5 pm

Ella Shae is a mental health advocate and public speaker. Through her challenges in life, she teaches her readers and listeners how to find the beauty in all the things you think may have broken you.

Ella’s memoir, which is not only captivating but also inspirational, tells a story of triumph over trauma, beauty over the broken. Her story actually began at the young age of just 4 years old. In 1986, Ella was in a nearly fatal car accident. In 1996, she was bullied due to the lasting effects of that car accident. Throughout her childhood, she was surrounded by narcissists who crushed her self worth and domestic violence relationships, both physical and emotional. She’s struggled with substance abuse to silence her anxiety and depression. She’s experienced divorce, the ups and downs of parenting, grief and loss and ultimately an eating disorder that left her near organ failure…each event making her a little more broken.

Someone’s mental health IS health and the more we learn about mental health the more we can prevent outcomes like hers. She’s using her voice for those who may not be ready to use their voice. The greater support system we can build for those suffering is silence, the greater the chance that they will use their voice to change the narrative, become the best versions of themselves and thrive.

For more info contact Ella at info@ellashae.com

“4 THA RECORD”: a Night of Ostensible Comedy organized by Clarke Sager Wednesday Dec. 20th 8 pm to 10 pm

Pay-what-you-can (cash only)

For more info, contact Carmen at 201-805-1739


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Rent Our Place

Symposia Bookstore space can be rented for workshops, community groups, artistic events or birthday parties organized through Puppetonia. The store has tables, seating for about 40 people, a large screen and amplification system available upon request. The store has been used for shootings by independent movie companies, by musicians for concerts and visual artists for exhibitions.

To inquire about holding your event at Symposia Bookstore, please call at (201) 963-0909 or send an email at symposia.bookstore@gmail.com.

We do not provide catering, but you are welcome to bring food and drinks for your event.

Symposia hopes that everyone is staying safe and well read!  

As you may have noticed, we are very excited to start our in-person events! Come participate or visit us during our opening hours 12 pm to 5 pm 7 days a week! 

We are looking for VOLUNTEERS to shelf books and/or help customers. 

Flexible hours, great environment, free books! 

Other Ways to Help Symposia

DONATE YOUR BOOKS!  Symposia stays in business by selling donated books online. 

Donate your used shipping supplies: In an effort to stay environmentally friendly, Symposia Bookstore welcomes donations of used clean shipping materials like bubble wrap and bubble mailers/envelopes. 

BUY FROM SYMPOSIA!  Need new reading material? Peruse Symposia’s inventory with over 2,500 titles on Amazon:


MAKE A TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION! Our non-profit bookstore can only stay alive through the generous support of our community.  Consider supporting our mission by making a contribution today through 

Any donation will help make an impact as this is a nonprofit organization that serves as the only used-bookstore in the area and community center for locals. Thank you so much in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to our community. It is our pleasure curating the best books for our customers thanks to your donations.