Guitar Circle – Every Thursday at 8.30 pm

Come jam with local guitar players in a casual, friendly atmosphere. Share your favorite songs and learn new ones. All playing levels and styles are welcome!
To register or for more info, contact Carlos at

Dance Classes at Symposia with Instructor Tracy Everitt, Liza Minnelli’s Dance Partner – Every Tuesday at 7 pm.

Learn Classic Wedding Dances music that will never grow old
Join our Beginners’ class! Classic, Easy Steps!
We will cover Classic partner dances such as swing, salsa, tango and various types of ballroom dance, both classic and modern.

$15 per class

Instructor: Tracy Everitt, partner of Liza Minnelli (watch Liza and Tracy in the youtube video “Steam Heat” – the opening number in Act II of the 1954 Tony Award-winning musical “The Pajama Game”:

Registration required. Space is limited. Please call 201-805-1739 or email Carmen at

LAMAZE Childbirth Education Classes – May 1st, 8th, 15th, and 22nd from 7.30 to 9.30 pm

This is not a class about breathing. The goal of these classes is to empower you and your partner in knowing childbirth is normal & natural and your body has been designed to create & sustain life, bring your baby to this world, and nourish your baby.

The Lamaze Healthy Birth Practices help simplify your birth process with a natural approach that helps alleviate your fears and manage pain. Evidence-based information and knowledge you gain through these classes will boost your confidence and allow you and your partner to take a more proactive approach during the birth of your child.

More info and registration:

PUPPETONIA – Puppet Shows for Babies and Toddlers

Since its inception, Puppetonia has taught children so much more than just their ABC’s and 123′s. The music and puppet shows incorporate important social skills, early academics, thinking skills, motor skills, and self-expression.
The music is fun and upbeat, and the children are encouraged to move to the rhythm, follow verbal instructions, practice sequential movements, and have a great time. And there are bubbles galore!

For a sample of our shows, check these links:

PUPPETONIA SHOWS (Babies and Toddlers):
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri: 10 and 11 am

Tue, Wed and Thu at 1.30 pm
Two new shows every week.

No reservation required.
For more info, call or text: (201) 805-1739
Email: or visit

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