Rally for Peace

February 14, Hoboken City Hall

While we at Symposia Bookstore have watched the tragic events in the Middle East over the past months with shock and sadness – and while we pray for a just and lasting peaceful resolution to this war – we as an organization do not engage in political debate and do not support any specific policy prescriptions.

Seemingly as a result of a store representative being asked if they support a peaceful resolution to the conflict, our bookstore’s name was included in materials expressing support for specific policies that, again, Symposia cannot and does not endorse.

We of course share the deep concerns of many in our community who wish to see a resolution to this conflict. We know that we have many well-intentioned neighbors on all sides of this debate, and we strongly encourage the full, open and peaceful exchange of ideas and concerns. Symposia will remain a place where all of our community is welcome and can engage with those ideas through the many varied voices whose words we are honored to house in our bookstore.

Carmen Rusu, Manager