Local Writers Read at Symposia This Month – July 2014

“Spirit Lives” by Dr. John Muciaccia – book reading/signing – July 8 at 7 pm

Spirit Lives! is a book that answers the question “what happens to us when we physically die.”
The author, Dr. John Muciaccia, interviewed 20 professional mediums/psychics and 20 “ordinary” people who have had extraordinary experiences with Spirit. The topic of NDE and Past Life experiences are also discussed in this fascinating book.

As of today, the book has received 19 Five Star reviews on Amazon.

For more information, contact John at jmuciaccia@hotmail.com or call 201-294-9956

“Magic Always Happens: My Daddy Loves Me!” by Neophytos Papaneophytou – children’s book reading/signing – July 12 at 5 pm

To write “Magic Always Happens: My Daddy Loves Me!” Neophytos (Neo) Papaneophytou drew from his experiences raising his son. Seeing every day as a blessing, Neo and son find joy in all their daily activities, especially when their two-year-old therapy dog joins in!
In “Magic Always Happens” a father and son develop an inseparable bond just from living out their daily routine—from waking, making breakfast, walking to school, making dinner, to getting ready for bed. Hidden in those seemingly mundane tasks are the magical moments of their day and lives.

While Neo was born and raised on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus—a world away from his son’s upbringing in the New York metropolis, his experience reflected in “Magic Always Happens” shows the impermeable bond between father and son spending time together, wherever in the world that may be. Such a bond is applicable to fathers and their sons all around our global village!

For more information, contact Neo at neocypr@aol.com or at 646-239-1048

“Journey Into Darkness- Tales of the Vampire Rodimere” book signing by William Baez – July 19 at 5 pm

If you loved Twilight or Lord of The Rings, Games of Throne or Interview with the vampire, then this book is for you. The dark Gothic world of the vampires comes to life in this intense read; prepare yourself to enter a world of pure fantasy.
Author William Baez has created a masterpiece in Journey Into a Darkness Tales Of The Vampire Rodimere. This three part novel first takes us to Kresta, a magical land of beauty and peace until now, where an evil so ancient filled with darkness threatens all of man.

Come join us for a book signing, book will be for sale.

Refreshments and free giveaways.

For more information, contact William at wbaez6507@gmail.com

Afterword Magazine presents “The Microphone is Open” – July 25 at 7.30 pm

Celebrating our area’s creative impulse regarding Poetry and Music (acoustic only)
We invite everyone to come down and hear something new and get up and say your own piece.
Grab the latest issue or some back issues of Afterword.

Enjoy mixing it up with some interesting characters.

Hosted by John C. Massett.

For more info, contact John at jmass3@hotmail.com John

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