Symposia Community Events – March 2011

Alla MOT!” – All You Can Write WORDshop for children ages 5-12
 Tuesdays, 5:30-6:30 pm
Mission: To inspire children to explore the art of writing and differing techniques, while enhancing their own skills.
Characters: Melissa Napoleon, the Instructor:
            Contact:, phone: 323.337.4566
             (Journalism graduate of ‘05 and contributing writer for the Hoboken Patch),
                    Children, the Students:
 (Children between the ages of 5 and 12 who are enthusiastic about writing and hoping to improve their skills)
Summary: Kids run to release their energy, like authors write to express their creativity.
A child’s imagination runs as wild as they do on the playground. So let your kids release their creative energy at “Alla Mot”, a once-a-week writing-enhancing workshop, with five different courses for your child to choose. The range of courses includes: Book writing, Journalism, Creative Pro-Writing, Formal Exercises and a two-session Intro course.
“Story In a Flash” – 8-Week Writing Course
Tuesday evenings, 7:00-8:30 p.m.
Flash fiction has roots going back to Aesop’s Fablesand practitioners have included Anton Chekhov, O. Henry, and Ernest Hemingway. Flash Fiction contains the classic story elements, but the limited word length often forces some of these elements to remain unwritten, that is, hinted at or implied in the written storyline.
New life has been brought to Flash Fiction by the Internet, with its demand for short, concise works. E-zines and hypertext literary spaces offer writers a ready market for shorter works. Flash Fiction is also increasingly in demand by editors and publishers of print magazines. 
      Author and teacher John McCaffrey leads students in a comprehensive writing course exploring the core components of Flash Fiction, from story concept to completion. Each class will include a brief lecture, writing exercises, and group discussion of student work. Strategies on how to break into the Flash Fiction market will also be given. Students will have the chance to read their work
For more information, contact John McCaffrey at or by phone (917.239.5306)
Televised Dialogue: “Freedom Rising: Democracy’s Renaissance, from the Nile to the Mississippi” sponsored by the Public Voice Salon
Friday, March 4th at 7.30
We believe it’s time for American citizens to reflect, in a calm, relaxed, dialogic manner, on the historic democratic upsurges that have defined the opening months of 2011.To help us build a context for our discussion, we’re pleased to welcome historian Tony Gronowitz, a CUNY professor and author of Race and Class Politics in New York City
Before the Civil War.  In addition to his interest in history, though, and in the working class, Tony has also tried to change history as the Green Party candidate for mayor of NYC in 2005. Tony’s passion for making a difference, his depth of historical knowledge, and willingness to take action to make the world a better place will offer plenty food for thought in our discussion. Along with Tony, since we also celebrate the arts with our media project, we’re pleased to welcome painter Laura Renee.  Recently, at a Hoboken cafe, I had the pleasure of encountering Renee’s gorgeous depictions of Hoboken streetscapes–bathed magically in morning sunlight.  My pondering of her works, however briefly, startled me into a new awareness of Hoboken’s architectural beauty, similar to Greenwich Village and Brooklyn with its treasure trove of picturesque 19th century brownstones. This even aroused thoughts about community, of the hello from the sidewalk Robert Putnam bemoans the loss of in Bowling Alone, and that Jurgen Habermass calls “the public sphere.”
Touching back to the theme, might it be possible that the progressive story–so suppressed during the past 30 year regime of corporate-controlled politics and media–might at last be, as  Rev. Billy says, “breaking into public space,” and cohering into a resonant narrative that leads to lasting change and the repair of the inequities and brutalities of our time?  And might our project to find our voices in the public space, a rare “gap” or “interstice,” as philosopher Maxine Greene would say (in an otherwise closed system) make a real contribution, however small, to this effort?

Our show is broadcast on Manhattan Neighborhood Network’s channel 34, Thursday’s at 5; and is seen around the world on the MNN website.  In Hudson County, it can be seen on Cable Vision’s channel 19, Thursday’s at 8 pm

Spoken Word Series – Poetry/Prose Reading and Open Mic
Sunday, March 6th at 3 pm

All events in this series are open to the public and free – with a suggested donation of $3.

Event organized by Debaun Auditorium in collaboration with Stevens Institute of TechnologyPresenting artists from academia and industry, with voices from traditional to modern, co-hosts Siobhan Barry-Bratcher and David Vincenti will introduce you to a panorama of poetry that will stretch not only your view of the art, but your view of your world as well.

Each featured writer will read selections from their collection and then the microphone will open to the public to share their work. This series is at 3 p.m. on the first Sunday of each month, September through May.

For more information, contact David Vincenti at
Karaoke Party
Saturday, March 12th at 7 pm
Come and enjoy singing or/and listening to other people sing!
Please bring a dish/snack to share.
For more information, contact Carmen at 201-805-1739 or
A Reading of Prose, Memoir and Poetry by “The ReCollective”
Friday, March 25th  at 7 pmSpecial Cause: A fundraising event for an upcoming Poetry Contest for Inner City School Children curated by “The ReCollective.”

Featured Writers:


Event Organizer: Melida G. Rodas

Professional Pigs and Social Moguls Book Club
Sat, March 26th at 7 pm
It’s a club that:
Reminds you that books can be just as interactive as the internet!
Encourages you to say more than just “Hi” to a colleague, roommate, or stranger.
Makes you think outside the box.
Increases your confidence.
Transforms you to feel as if you’re just as good a public speaker as Obama (okay, well, maybe not, but pretty darn close!)
Encourages you to USE the information in the real world.
Allows you to bond with others.
Requires you to have FUN!
Organizer: Robin Sampson,  201-527-8630 (
Please contact Robin to reserve.
Naked Spirit in Action – Conversation Group
Thursday, March 31st, 7 pm.
Come discuss Spirit in everyday life.
A forum dedicated to the sharing of views and beliefs pertaining to self-exploration in the realm of consciousness.
We invite all of you to come and join us on this most rewarding adventure of self-exploration.Besides nurturing our souls, let’s nurture our bodies as well. Feel free to bring your dinner and have it here with us, or if moved bring a dish to share with everyone and celebrate the diversity of our spirits!

*Not sponsored by or affiliated with any philosophy or religion.
For more information, contact Carmen at 201-805-1739 or at
Guitar Circle – every Wednesday at 8 pm
Come jam with local guitar players in a casual, friendly atmosphere. Share your favorite songs and learn new ones. All playing levels and styles are welcomed!
For more info, contact Carlos at
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