• Symposia Community Events – March 2013

    Message from Cornel Rusu, Symposia Director:

     I will be traveling to Haiti on March 22 to work with the children from one of the Port-au-Prince orphanages. Currently they do not have running water because the system they had broke down and I am raising $1200 to buy new water tanks and a water pump.

    Please follow the link if you want to donate or forwarded it to your friends who might be willing to do so. Thank you.


     Thank you in advance for any support,


     $5 Yoga Class  Every Wednesday at 7 pm

    Have you always shied away from Yoga because you thought you weren’t very flexible?

    Symposia is now opening its doors to a new environment for yoga practice: small classes, taught in a supportive, non-competitive manner, with individual attention.  Students will be gently guided through basic yoga postures, yogic breathing, meditation, and relaxation techniques.

    After the class, feel free to linger, have a cup of tea, chat. Refreshments will be served.

    Certified Yoga Instructor Carmen Rusu

    For more information, contact Carmen:  201-805-1739 or  carpathian_air@yahoo.com

    Cultural Dialogue Project Seeks to Nurture the Public Voice – March 7 at 7 pm

     Progressive educator and media innovator John Bredin will convene an evening of  open cultivated discourse at Symposia, where his visionary community-building project began 12 years ago with the help of Carmen and Cornel Rusu.

     The conversation will  be filmed for the Public Voice Salon, a cable TV show Bredin co-produces with his  wife Claudia Canasto.


    The intention of this project is to craft a rare media space to  nurture the growth of humane, democratic discourse; along with story-telling, thinking  out loud, and the art of “becoming” with others through the miracle of humane dialogue.

     The event is part of a larger project to revive the ancient art of Salon–a-la Gertrude Stein in Paris and Marble Dodge in Greenwich Village–but with a more open, democratic, and non-elitist orientation.  To create a tiny space where the wondrous particularities of authentic community might exist as an antidote to a degraded corporate media landscape now defined by slickness, cliché, banality, and a dumbing down agenda. The structure will consist of 6 panelists, along with a small audience–who will have a chance to speak during  a Q & A at the conclusion of this one hour program.  


     Please RSVP as space is limited, by contacting John Bredin at jfbredin@hotmail.com

     Fresh, Raw, Green Mylk & Chia Tapioca Pudding Demo – March 8, 7:00pm-8:30pm

     Learn how to make the most delicious, nutritious, fresh, raw, GREEN Almond Mylk & raw, GREEN Chia Tapioca Pudding ever!   You will receive hand outs on the benefits of Raw Almonds and Nut mylks, The Soaking and Germination Process, Equipment Info, and Recipes for Raw Nut Mylks.  Learn the difference between store-bought pasteurized milk and, freshly made raw nut mylks. The recipes are easy, quick, & soooo good!  And of course you will get to sample them!  Nut Mylk bags will be available for sale at great prices.

     DON’T MISS THIS!!!  Space is limited!  PRE-REGISTER NOW AT:


    For more details, contact:

    Gail Zikri, 201.388.3616, gyzikri@yahoo.com

    Mindful Health – Developing a healthy lifestyle through exercise, meditation, medicine, and good nutrition – March 10 at 1 pm

     By Luis Soto, Jr. Fitness Trainer & Life Coach

     With over 20 years of experience in fitness, health, wellness and spirituality. Luis Soto Jr. has helped many clients set and achieve their weight loss and fitness goals by combining different types of modalities into his client’s workout regimen.

     Free Lecture!  Come Learn -Fitness Techniques, Good Nutrition, Mindful Balance

     For more information, contact Luis by email at medicineman511@gmail.com or by phone at 201-942-9777

    “Teaching Language New Tricks” – Writing Workshop  – March 21 at 7 pm

    Wanted: poets, writers on any genre and all around lovers of language and discourse interested in sharing their creative experiences and endeavors in concert with others

    and so before we stop communicating all together……let’s talk!

    about everything relative to poetry and writing etc.

    let’s talk before it becomes obsolete

     about amazing things which are in the storehouse of the soul to discuss and share.

     Facilitator: Phil DePinto. For more information, contact Phil at 201-264-4508.

    Guitar Circle  March 5, 14, 21 and 28 at 8.30 pm

      Come jam with local guitar players in a casual, friendly atmosphere. Share your favorite songs and learn new ones. All playing levels and styles are welcome! 

     To register or for more info, contact Carlos at chaase@chdesignsolutions.com

    PUPPETONIA – Puppet Shows for Babies and Toddlers

     Since its inception, Puppetonia has taught children so much more than just their ABC’s and 123′s. The music and puppet shows incorporate important social skills, early academics, thinking skills, motor skills, and self-expression.

     The music is fun and upbeat, and the children are encouraged to move to the rhythm, follow verbal instructions, practice sequential movements, and have a great time. And there are bubbles galore!

     For a sample of our shows, check these links:




     Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri: 10 and 11 am

     Tue: 4 pm

     BABY PUPPETONIA: Tue at 2 pm and Thu at 1.30 pm


    Two new shows every week.

    No reservation required.

     For more info, call or text: (201) 805-1739

    Email: puppetonia@gmail.com  or visit www.puppetonia.com



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