Symposia Community Events – November 2010

Transform Your Life – Nov. 4th, at 7 pm
Are you flourishing in your life structures – spiritually, professionally, romantically, financially, mentally and emotionally? Or is your life flatter than your new flat screen TV? Your Thoughts, Words and Feeling are creating the life you see.
Rev. Dr. Anthony Forbes is a Life Coach who teaches Positive Self Image Psychology and The Law of Attraction. He supports people in understanding and practicing the Art of Deliberate Attraction, so they can have more of what they want and less of what they don’t.  Rev. Forbes has been applying the principles of The Law of Attraction for many years and enjoys a wonderful and rewarding life.
Contact information: Rev. Dr. Anthony Forbes – 201-406-0689
Welcome to the Zero Hour!   – book signing/reading
Nov. 6th, at 7 pm
Author: Jason Butkowski.
Editor: Anthony Schiavino
Sit back and get comfortable. The tales you are about to read are from an era when imagination was paramount and serialized fiction kept people of all ages suspended in disbelief. It was a time of brilliantly-rendered prose and artwork from those that would later be known as “Masters” of their craft. They are from a time of righteous heroes, dangerous villains, fierce monsters, and the battle of good versus evil, fought across the globe. But above all else they are from a time of unparalleled adventure. These are…THE EPISODES FROM THE ZERO HOUR!
ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  *Jason Butkowski is an author, publisher and one half of the creative team behind the *Episodes from the Zero Hour! *imprint of pulp books.  In addition to creating and writing signature *Zero** **Hour**!*serials, “Knuckles, Tough Guy for Hire,” “Federal City Nocturne,” **and “Rex Rockwell, Weird Game Hunter,”* *Jason is also responsible for developing and overseeing new anthologies, working with some of the most promising talent in the field of modern pulp fiction to continue to deliver
the high quality tales that *Zero** **Hour**! *has become known for. He currently resides at the Jersey Shore with wife Kristi, puppy Einstein and an iguana named Leia.
Contact information: Jason Butkowski –
New Voices – Short Story Reading
Nov. 11th, at 7 pm
Members of the Hoboken Symposia Short Story Writing Class will read original work.  All welcome.
Contact InformationJohn Mccaffrey –
The Naked Spirit – Conversation Group
Nov. 18th at 7- 8.30 pm
Organizers: Rafi and Carmen

Come discuss Spirit in everyday life.
Naked Spirit is a forum dedicated to the friendly sharing of views and beliefs of subjects pertaining to spirituality.

*Not sponsored by or affiliated with any philosophy or religion.
*Feel free to bring your dinner and have it here, or you can bring something to share with everyone.

For more information, call Carmen at 201-805-1739 or email to


Professional Pigs and Social Moguls November Book Club – Nov. 20th at 7 pm
It’s a club that:
Reminds you that books can be just as interactive as the internet!
Encourages you to say more than just “Hi” to a colleague, roommate, or stranger.
Makes you think outside the box.
Increases your confidence.
Transforms you to feel as if you’re just as good a public speaker as Obama (okay, well, maybe not, but pretty darn close!)
Encourages you to USE the information in the real world.
Allows you to bond with others.
Requires you to have FUN!

Organizer: Robin Sampson – 201-527-8630
Book: Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott

Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner – Nov. 24th, at 7 pm
It is that time of the year when sharing food and good thoughts and feelings with the community becomes so important. Symposia invites you and your friends to its pre-Thanksgiving night of music, good food and community sharing.
Please let Carmen know what dish you plan to bring.
To reserve, call Carmen at 201-805-1739 or email to
Guitar Circle – Nov. 3rd, 10th, 17th at 8 pm.
Beginners welcome!
Contact information: Carlos –
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