Symposia Community Events – October 2010

Public Voice Salon – Oct. 8 at 7.30 pm

As our democratic project gains momentum, it might be worth it to pause a moment and reflect on our dialogic roots. The art of dialogue, of course, stretches all the way back to the ancient Greeks. Socrates roamed the Athenian city square and engaged total strangers in conversation—a concept hard to imagine in our I-podded-to-the-gills, hyper-competitive, alienated modern culture in which turning away from the stranger is de-rigueur.

One wonders, too, if America’s rapid rise in wealth inequality over the past 30 years isn’t linked to the erosion of community over the same time period: what Robert Putnam calls the “bowling alone” effect. Less people talking to their neighbors means less political resistance to the greatest wealth transfer (from the poor and middle-class to the rich) in our nation’s history. 

This week at the Living Theatre I attended a tribute to the late Tuli Kupferberg, noted poet, activist, bohemian character, and founder of the musical group the Fugs. The amazing spirit of creativity, humanity, political integrity and humor in that room (a last bastion of New York’s famed downtown counterculture scene) was an anachronism in our anti-intellectual age dominated by Tea Parties and the exploits of Lindsey Lohan and Snookie. I felt an epiphany in that room, an inspiration to make space on TV for the edgy mix of art and radical politics that made the 1960s such a transformational era. 

With that, I’m happy to announce that we’ll be joined by Brooklyn rapper Jerms Black on our panel next week. Mr. Black’s music is heavily influenced by his progressive political values and desire for social justice. So come and be part of our unscripted, transformational dialogue.  Let the music of your public voice sing out to the world! 
John Bredin
RSVP John at to be on our 8 member panel, or studio audience.

Guitar Circle – Wednesdays, 8 pm

Beginners welcome!
For more info, contact Carlos at

New Events at Symposia in October 2010

Hudson Partnership CMO presents:

Free Writing Workshop for Teens   – Oct. 19 at 5.30 pm

This is an interactive workshop where teens can learn about different writing styles. Participants can bring in their own work and they have  the opportunity to participate in a writing activity.

Light refreshments will be served.

For more information, contact Steve Campos at 201 537 1429

Reclaim Your Life in a World Gone ADD – Oct. 26 at 7 pm
 Stop feeling pulled on too many directions, stop never having time to focus, relax and do what you really want!
Instead, Reclaim Your Life in a World Gone ADD by joining us.
In this special presentation, Karin Stewart, PhD, will show you:
– the “ADD traps” we all tend to fall into, whether we have ADD or not
– the true cost of interruptions and distractions
– easy ways to stay focused and get more done in less time
– a simple change to your email habits that can save you up to two
hours a day
Implementing the simple, easy solutions offered to you that evening will leave you less stressed, more focused and with more time for
About the speaker:
Karin Stewart, PhD, is the owner of Daily Mastery, a company dedicated to bringing a peaceful and balanced life here and now to everyone who wants it. In as little as four sessions, Karin’s clients reclaim control over their lives, and find peace of mind and balance, while knowing that they have the resources to easily handle everything in their lives and schedules. Karin has spoken for organizations such as the National Association of Women Business Owners, Momtrepreneurs, Home Business Radio, and been featured in publications such as ABC News, the Associated Press and Newsday. Take advantage of Karin’s free e-course and monthly open office hours by going to
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