Symposia Community Events – October 2012

“Everything is clapping today

Light, sound, motion,

All movement.

A rabbit I pass pulls a cymbal

From a hidden pocket

Then winks.

This causes a few planets and I

To go nuts

And start grabbing each other.

Someone sees this,

Calls a shrink.

Tries to get me


For being too happy.

Listen: this world is the lunatic’s sphere.

Don’t always agree it’s real.

Even with my feet upon it

And the postman knowing my door

My address is somewhere else.”



Symposia is looking for volunteers to help out at the Art and Music Festival in Hoboken on Sept.30, from 10 am to 7 pm.  We need help moving books to and from the booth, manning the booth, shelving, or simply promoting the store. If you could spare an hour or two, please contact Carmen at 201-805-1739.


$5 Yoga Classes at Symposia Bookstore – Every Wednesday at 7 pm

Have you always shied away from Yoga because you thought you weren’t very flexible?

Symposia is now opening its doors to a totally new environment for yoga practice: small classes, taught in a supportive, non-competitive manner, with individual attention.  Students will be gently guided through basic yoga postures, yogic breathing, meditation, and relaxation techniques.

Certified Yoga Instructor Carmen Rusu
Pre-registration is required by phone, 201-805-1739 or by email:

“Core Vitality” – In honor of Menopause Awareness Month (October) – Tue, Oct. 9 at 7 pm

 Your posture affects every waking hour that you are standing, sitting or walking.

Core Vitality honors the body’s design to bring awareness of tangible and visible results in strength, flexibility and balance.

Learn how you can begin to practice the profound importance of aligning your spine for vitality.

Class offered by Susan Gala: Holistic Pelvic-Core Therapist who has weaved her 25yrs of combined training as a Licensed Massage therapist, Integrative Pelvic-Core Therapist, Stott Pilates practitioner and Health & Fitness Consultant to help women live a lifestyle of vitality.

For more information or to register, email Susan at

 Exploring Flash Fiction and Self Publishing – Thu, Oct. 11 at 7 pm

 A free discussion by Joe Del Priore, author of Twilight People–Switchblade Stories, and Plowed In–More Switchblade Stories.

Learn about the genre of flash fiction and what markets are available. Includes reading several of Joe’s stories and analyzing their structure. Also learn about the ins and outs of self publishing in a fast changing industry.
Who Steers A Relationship? – Thu, Oct. 18 at 7  -Conversation facilitated by Philip De Pinto

“If two committed pedestrians,

weary of venturing solo and on foot

mutually decide to become a duet

and rent or purchase outright the vehicle called relationship,

it cannot help to raise the question, just who drives such a vehicle

when neither party is particularly qualified to drive

or even has a license or insurance to do so?


if that wasn’t problematic enough, consider

the cost of fueling such a vehicle, not to mention

the distance such a vehicle has to travel

which is considerable, if it is serious and which is likely

to wear out the engine parts, not to mention the road hazards

such a relationship will encounter along the way

which are apt to flatten one if not all the tires;


which gives rise to another question,

which is, once the relationship has taken on a flat

who’s responsibility is it to go out and fix or inflate such

when either of the parties involved are complete novices

at such things as making reparations themselves

and most likely will need intercession or reliance on a third or independent party

such as AAA to come and fix and inflate relationships which have gone flat?

or in the case that the parties involved cannot afford such independent services,

do they simply hail a cab and venture in thus manner the rest of the trip

or do they save themselves the trouble and say the hell with reparations

and the hell with relationships and simply revert back to venturing solo and on foot?”

(Philip De Pinto)

Symposia strives to provide a place where thinking people can freely exchange and commingle ideas, imaginations, energy, talents, wild-eyed visions–where we can comfortably and effectively suspend our assumptions about life in order to inquire into the unknown together. 

Bring a snack to share and your adventurous spirit.

No registration is required. For more information, contact Carmen at 201-805-1739 or email at

Ignite Your Imagination! – Creative Writing Seven Week Workshop  Every Tuesday from Oct. 23rd to Dec. 11th,  7–8.30 pm

Author and teacher John McCaffrey will help students tap into their creativity to produce meaningful, winning fiction. Weekly writing prompts, assignments, peer discussion and instructor feedback will invigorate your creativity and jumpstart your writing process.  A great class if you want to return to fiction writing or go deeper into the genre.  Students will have the chance to read their work at an end-of-the-term event.

Fee: $100

Register at or by phone (917.239.5306)

Life Class  – With Spiritual Life Coach Anthony Forbes – Oct. 6, 13, 20 and 27 at 7 pm

 Life Class is a self-awakening revelation and movement seminar. It will guide you to breakdown where you are NOW! in real time, to help make your life better, happier, bigger, richer – more fulfilling.

For more information, contact Anthony Forbes at


Guitar Circle – Oct. 4, 16, 25 at 8.30 pm

Come jam with local guitar players in a casual, friendly atmosphere. Share your favorite songs and learn new ones. All playing levels and styles are welcome!

To register or for more info, contact Carlos at

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